Un Jung Kang, MD

Kang Un

Founders Professor of Neurology, Professor in Neuroscience Institute at New York University Grossman School of Medicine Un Jung Kang, MD, is director of Translational Research at the Marlene and Paolo Fresco Institute of Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders, and co-director of Parekh Center for Interdisciplinary Neurology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

He was previously chief of the Movement Disorders Division at Columbia University, founded by Dr. Stanley Fahn. Dr. Kang received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University and completed his neurology residency and movement disorders fellowship training at Columbia University.

His clinical expertise is in movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Kang studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain circuit plasticity underlying both beneficial and detrimental effects of dopaminergic therapy such as dyskinesia using rodent models with cell type-specific modulation and recording correlated with behaviors. Dr. Kang is also interested in understanding the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration in synucleinopathies including PD by studying biomarkers from patients.

He led the Fox Investigation for New Discovery of Biomarkers (BioFIND) and actively participated in NIH/NINDS and Michael J Fox Foundation biomarker programs.