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Amprion’s biomarker testing technology helps biopharma partners identify new drug candidates and underlying pathologies to pursue failed endpoints.

A man performing Alzheimer's disease research

How Amprion Helps Accelerate Drug Development?

Amprion helps biopharma partners address the following challenging questions related to drug development in neurodegenerative diseases:

Patient Stratification & Early Identification

  • What underlying pathologies are in play?
  • Do patient genetics affect responses to each candidate?
  • Can patient genetics + PMCA effectively ID pre-clinical disease?
  • How do pre-dosing responses predict target engagement post-dosing?
  • Can PMCA inhibition pre-select patients most likely respond to each candidate?

Target Engagement

  • Measures binding/sequestration of CSF prion-like proteins by immunoprecipitation
  • How is binding affected by increasing concentrations of native protein?
  • What concentrations are required for 80% & 95% target engagement?
  • How do binding curves vary between different patients?
  • Do antibody combinations outperform single species?
  • How do monospecific versus bi-specific antibodies perform?

Direct Target Inhibition

  • Which candidates & structures can directly inhibit prion amplification?
  • How do IC50 levels correlate with CNS candidate concentrations?
  • How do various candidates modulate aggregation kinetics?
  • A single platform can evaluate antibodies, peptides, small molecules.

Disruption of Pre-formed Fibrils (Plaque/Tangle/Lewy Body)

  • Which candidate concentrations are most effective?
  • What is the disaggregation kinetics for each candidate?
  • Is it possible to shift the equilibrium towards more inactive fibrils?
  • Which candidates favor large fibrils versus smaller prion-like structures?
  • Which degradative enzymes impact fibril structures?
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For the first time in history, we can track the misfolded proteins associated with brain diseases in the early stages. 


Amprion has some important news we need to share with you!

To improve patient access to the SYNTap® biomarker test (CSF), Amprion is reducing the self-pay price for tests with service dates on or after July 1, 2023.

Old self-pay price: $1500.00. New self-pay price: $995.00

Effective July 1, 2023, there is a New ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notification) form for use when ordering the SYNTap® biomarker test (CSF) for patients on Medicare. Order Process

CPT/PLA – The SYNTap® test has been issued a dedicated PLA code to be used when billing: 0393U
We have applied to be a medicare provider and will soon be able to courtesy bill Medicare for your patients.