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Amprion’s biomarker testing technology helps biopharma partners identify new drug candidates and underlying pathologies to pursue failed endpoints.

A man performing Alzheimer's disease research

How Amprion Helps Accelerate Drug Development?

Amprion helps biopharma partners address the following challenging questions related to drug development in neurodegenerative diseases:

Patient Stratification & Early Identification

  • What underlying pathologies are in play?
  • Do patient genetics affect responses to each candidate?
  • Can patient genetics + PMCA effectively ID pre-clinical disease?
  • How do pre-dosing responses predict target engagement post-dosing?
  • Can PMCA inhibition pre-select patients most likely respond to each candidate?

Target Engagement

  • Measures binding/sequestration of CSF prion-like proteins by immunoprecipitation
  • How is binding affected by increasing concentrations of native protein?
  • What concentrations are required for 80% & 95% target engagement?
  • How do binding curves vary between different patients?
  • Do antibody combinations outperform single species?
  • How do monospecific versus bi-specific antibodies perform?

Direct Target Inhibition

  • Which candidates & structures can directly inhibit prion amplification?
  • How do IC50 levels correlate with CNS candidate concentrations?
  • How do various candidates modulate aggregation kinetics?
  • A single platform can evaluate antibodies, peptides, small molecules.

Disruption of Pre-formed Fibrils (Plaque/Tangle/Lewy Body)

  • Which candidate concentrations are most effective?
  • What is the disaggregation kinetics for each candidate?
  • Is it possible to shift the equilibrium towards more inactive fibrils?
  • Which candidates favor large fibrils versus smaller prion-like structures?
  • Which degradative enzymes impact fibril structures?
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For the first time in history, we can track the misfolded proteins associated with brain diseases in the early stages.