Challenges of Diagnosing MSA vs. PD

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SYNTap Test Capabilities

This biomarker test can detect α-Synuclein with 87% sensitivity, 97% specificity, and 93.9% accuracy.

Specification Sheet

SYNTap Spec Sheet - Disease Lead

The diagnosis of MSA vs. PD represents a major challenge particularly in early stages of the disease due to overlapping symptoms.

There are indications that SYNTap Test can be useful as a diagnostic test for MSA vs. PD. We are working towards a clinical validation and actively looking to partner in this project.

“The α-synuclein-PMCA assay (SAA) can discriminate between samples of cerebrospinal fluid from patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and samples from patients with multiple system atrophy, with an overall sensitivity of 95.4%.”  (Ref.10)

Research Partnership

Amprion continues to research the role of the SYNTap Test in contributing to the diagnosis and as part of the treatment decision making for several neurodegenerative diseases.

We are actively looking for partners to accelerate diagnostics and treatment innovations. 

To explore potential collaboration, please email us:

Download the SYNTap Test Specification Sheet for details.