Meet Our Team

Amprion is passionate about transforming scientific inventions in the lab into meaningful applications that bring positive change to the world. Our motto: Create a big impact one molecule at a time.

Science is a Team Sport

Director, Research & Development

EVP, Regulatory & Clinical Operations
Research Associate

Director of Finance

Clinical Laboratory Director

Senior Research Associate

Lead Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Director, Design Controls & Data Analytics

Yihua Ma

Research Associate

Yihua works in the research lab to help optimize our assays’ accuracy in detecting various prions associated with neurodegenerative diseases. Yihua earned his master’s degree in chemistry from the California State University of Fullerton. A skilled scientist, Yihua is well-versed in biochemical techniques, including protein purification, enzymatic assay, X-ray crystallography. He is also highly experienced in all aspects of drug discovery, testing, and validation. Yihua graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and chemistry from the University of California in San Diego. 

Ginger Sedillo

Finance Manager

Experienced in administrative management, Ginger has worked in accounting and finance in the biotech industry for the past 15 years.

An avid reader, Ginger loves exploring the great Pacific Northwest with dogs in tow. She’s a passionate collector of all things nerdy.

Carly Farris

Senior Research Associate

As a Presidential Scholar, Carly graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (Option in Physiology) and Minor in Chemistry from California State University, Long Beach. She received her Master of Science degree in Bioengineering at San Diego State University. Carly wanted to use her skills in a meaningful and dynamic field, which led her to Amprion. Carly enjoys traveling, spending time with her friends and family, and spoiling her dog, Bailey.

Nelson Kha

Lead Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Driven by science and a need to make an impact through medicine, Nelson bridged the two passions and became a clinical laboratory scientist six years ago. Nelson’s expertise in the clinical lab spans across pathologies to various testing platforms. He is excited to venture into the realm of neurocognitive pathology and believes Amprion’s technology will set the stage for diagnostics of neurological diseases.

Aside from being in the lab, Nelson is a coffee fanatic! Ask him to brew you a cup, and he will tell you everything about this wonderful and potent elixir.

John Middleton

Senior Systems Engineer

John is a systems engineer and data-driven scientist. John brings a broad range of expertise, including experimental design, assay algorithms, calibrator value assignment, and data analysis/mining. A passionate and devoted team member, John is excited to help bring new products/processes to market that improves the human condition. Through his work at Amprion, John aims to advance diagnostics for neurological diseases.


Amprion has some important news we need to share with you!

To improve patient access to the SYNTap® biomarker test (CSF), Amprion is reducing the self-pay price for tests with service dates on or after July 1, 2023.

Old self-pay price: $1500.00. New self-pay price: $995.00

Effective July 1, 2023, there is a New ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notification) form for use when ordering the SYNTap® biomarker test (CSF) for patients on Medicare. Order Process

CPT/PLA – The SYNTap® test has been issued a dedicated PLA code to be used when billing: 0393U
We have applied to be a medicare provider and will soon be able to courtesy bill Medicare for your patients.