Kendal Jensen MD | PhD

Clinical Laboratory Director

Kendal Jensen

About Kendal Jensen

A clinical pathologist with a subspecialty in molecular genetic pathology, Dr. Jensen oversees all clinical laboratory operations. He received his training from Northwell Health in New York and has a fellowship from the University of Washington in Seattle.

A prolific author in clinical and research areas, Dr. Jensen has published high-impact papers in JAMA Oncology and FASEB Journal. His research interests cover improving the quality and safety of genetic testing and structural variation analysis. While at the University of Washington, Dr. Jensen received editorial praise in JAMA Oncology for his work with Dr. Colin Pritchard in 2020.

Outside the lab, Dr. Jensen loves exploring nature and is a fan of art. He enjoys spending time with family, friends, dogs, and feathered friends – two conure parrots.

Recently Published Articles

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